About us

Business Consulting Group provides Russian and international clients with highly professional legal services since 2008.

We provide you with the service of the highest quality. Your issue is thoroughly examined and solved by an experienced lawyer.
We have quite a narrow specialized area of practice. In fact, we focus on standing for you in court in civil or business cases and produce civil law agreements of high quality. All other issues are variations of this practice.
We tend to work at unique issues that take non-standard solutions and detailed analysis. Though in practice it turns out that there cannot be two absolutely identical cases (except for some kind of work, like obtaining of a license).
We focus on the positive result for every our client rather than getting as much clients as possible. If your issue may be solved without the scope of knowledge, experience and good deal of groundwork that we possess, we will happily recommend you our partners.
We have no higher priority than reputation and safety. This is why your business rivals will never know about the fact that you consult our company. This is why we cannot tell you about other clients that succeeded with us or show you any thank-you letters. Visit our office and get your personal opinion about us.
We permanently collaborate with partners practicing related branches of law. This enables us to work at almost any project on the turn-key basis. Despite the staff of less than 10 lawyers we are capable of performing quite ambitious projects.

We will be delighted to welcome you as our client.

Contact us:
Of.506, 6, Goroda Volos, 344000,
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Phone/fax number:
+7 (863) 282-19-88
+7 (863) 282-19-89

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