Contract Law

Contract law is one of the fastest developing areas of practice. First of all, cause the Russian Federation Civil Law has been undergoing changes; secondly, because of the permanently changing judiciary practice.

It is very important to know that if you use a contract template that was produced, for example, half a year ago, it may not wholly protect your interests and even contradict the Russian legislation.

One should also realize that contract law is a highly-specialized area and some law firms may not have it as a separate branch of practice. This approach may have a negative effect on the result of work. Contract law is a specialization of a lawyer who focuses on this sphere only.

In the framework of this area of practice we may offer you the following services:

Drawing up contracts. Our lawyers will draw up a contract adjusted for specifics of your business and your branch of economy as well as peculiarities of your contractor. We will make a risk assessment of your contract terms and minimize the risk of a conflict.

Contract analysis. If you are going to make a contract and the agreement is drawn up by your partner, in 99% of cases a complex audit is needed.

Agreement making process. We may hold talks on our own or take part in negotiations at the stage of making a contract. We may also organize a formal correspondence that will help to minimize risks even on the contract terms that cannot be changed (it is a especially popular service for tendering and other purchase contracts).

Current contract analysis. We will analyze your current contracts, check if they correspond to the current legislation and will recommend you the way to change or dissolve an agreement.

Interrelated contracts scheme. In practice big holdings and groups of companies usually need contracts schemes helping to optimize business processes (of organization of a distribution system or a franchising network). The contracts schemes are also an essential part of investment activities and organization of construction, including public-private partnership and concession.

Ensuring performance of obligations and enforcement of agreement. This is the most popular service in the framework of the current economy. We carefully elaborate specific methods that enable clients to minimize risks.

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