Corporate Law

Corporate law is a sphere of civil law relations, dealing with the formation and operation of corporations.

Due to the fact that the post-Soviet period in our country began only several decades ago, this practice is one of the most popular spheres. The property redistribution process still continues, as well as inheritance conflicts between relatives against one another. Moreover, this practice has even better prospects, because the international investment to the Russian business has just started to develop.

Despite the practice involves a lot of procedural peculiarities our company do not specialize in, we can offer you the following services:

  • State registration of juridical persons with foreign participation or representation of interests of foreign investors entering an existing company.
  • Due diligence to predict or reveal a corporate conflict or to restrict an organization’s management system.
  • Corporate conflicts defense and greenmailing
  • Accompanying of business investment processes and M&A support
  • Restructuring of a company or group of companies
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