Judiciary Law (Litigation)

We believe that judiciary law is our key specialization.

  • More than 70% of our work consist of representing clients’ interests in courts or procedural law consulting.
  • Our long-term experience and thousands of litigations we took part in, enable us to foresee precisely the prospects of a dispute. More than 90% of trials held by our company are finished the way agreed with our clients.
  • We always make an analysis of all possible risks for a client, including the reputational ones.
  • No matter what branch of law your dispute regards, if our litigators are uncertain about peculiarities of an economy sector or substantive rules of some branch of law (for example, fiscal law), we always consult fully conversant specialists.
  • We have well-tried procedural techniques and sharp tactics of a legal battle. Moreover, judicial acts may become a legal way of planning your tax or anti-monopoly strategy; in some cases they may guarantee fulfillment of obligations before a controversy arises.
  • We strongly believe that only a wide litigation experience and vast scope of knowledge in law practice enable a lawyer to draw up a contract, conduct an in-depth legal audit or accompany an investment project correctly.

According to the results of ratings presented by a business magazine “Delovoy Kvartal”, the Business Consulting Group has the leading positions in litigation area of the Rostov region.

Our lawyers are well-experienced in standing for clients in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction of all instances, as well as in litigation in arbitration courts and carrying on negotiations before and during legal disputes.


The representation of a client’s interests in the bankruptcy procedures is a particular case of the litigation practice, due to a vast specific legislation in the sphere. In the majority of cases the bankruptcy law enforcement techniques are used to satisfy debtor indebtedness, although sometimes it is used when dealing with unscrupulous lenders, corporate defense or challenging of a debtor’s transaction.

Intellectual Property Defense

The Russian national legislation on intellectual property is just being designed, though the current economy issues make this sphere one of the fastest growing. The results of intellectual activity and means of individualization are capitalized better than tangible assets.

Apart from the litigation in this area of practice, we elaborate overall techniques of pre-trial defense, handle transactions (license agreements and agreements on the alienation of the exclusive right), make franchising agreements and register means of individualization of products and services.

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