Land Law, Real Estate and Development

Land Law, Real Estate and Development are always considered a key branch of our practice.

It is in-demand due to complexity of legal regulations, capital-intensive projects and many stages of their realization. No matter if you plan a construction or a purchase of a real estate, factory or land, this project will be unique for you, and entering the project without a legal support is a great risk.

In the framework of this branch of legal practice we offer the following options:

  • Legal due diligence. A precise analysis of rights, titles and restrictions on immovable property. Estimation of potential assertions of a right. Risk reduction recommendations.
  • Structuring of real estate transactions or construction investment projects. Our specialists will out the needed investigations In line with your wishes and will offer you a considered strategy. We can also organize work on other related branches effectively (cadastral activities and geodesy), as well as take part in work with appropriate bodies.
  • Public-private partnership. The current economy takes attraction of private-sector investments at the same time making big projects impossible without the public partner. The current legislation allows participants to organize such partnership with the minimum costs.
  • Real estate transactions. The lawyers of our company have a vast practice in legal support of real estate transactions: buying and selling, rent, leasing, mortgage, option transactions, public takeover, participation in the shared construction, trust management, investment contracts and joint investment and management agreement
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