Services for private clients

Mostly we work with juristic persons and the clients whose issues are directly related with commercial and entrepreneurial activities, although we try to pay attention to issues of the clients who are not involved in business directly.

Consult us if you need a legal defense in case of…

Courts. For example, if you have been sued or, vice versa, consider that your rights have been violated.

Planning transactions. For example, buying or selling immovable property or planning a shared construction contract.

Family law issues. If you are getting married and plan to contract the marriage. If you have property issues when obtaining a divorce. You may also consult us about effectuation of parental rights and children’s rights and responsibilities.

Inheritance issues. Inheritance often causes conflicts and is usually related with sophisticated questions that take detailed knowledge of succession law. Among them there are handling procedures, restoration of timeframe for acceptance of inheritance, invalid wills, resolution of disputes on legator’s debts and those concerning heirs.

Startup. In case you have a new idea, unique business model or a paper that could potentially bring a good profit, you may apply to us for legal support. We often provide startups with the legal support, sometimes expanding them into full-blooded business structures; interests of the clients protected (especially at the stage of investment attraction).

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